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Bringing the Flexibility of the Gig Economy to Dental Practices with Joe Fogg

Joe Fogg is the Founder and CEO of onDiem, a healthcare staffing platform that combines the flexibility of the gig economy with the benefits of traditional staffing, creating an on-demand professional labor force. onDiem’s mission is to bring benefits to amazing, hardworking dental professionals while at the same time helping dental practices achieve high quality patient care. onDiem was launched in 2019 and it is currently working on launching a new product that will offer a flexible solution to help dentists reopen their practices.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Joe Fogg discusses which dental positions are at risk with COVID-19 and how onDiem can help address infection concerns.

  • How onDiem started, what is its business model, and how has it been affected by COVID-19

  • How COVID-19 has impacted dental practices and made them think about economics, increasing costs, and staffing

  • How onDiem started and how they’re helping dental practices reopen with low cost flexible solutions

  • Craig and Joe talk about the financial challenges they faced in business and in payroll issues

  • Who benefits more by using onDiem?

  • Joe talks about books and how Malclm Gladwell’s book helped address his dyslexia

  • When does an entrepreneur become successful?

  • Joe talks about the benefits of surrounding oneself with an amazing team

In this episode…

In the current health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high possibility of employees in a dental practice getting exposed and infected. This means the employee has to get quarantined to protect himself, fellow employees and patients, which subsequently means that staffing and running the practice becomes a challenge for the dentist. Joe Fogg launched onDiem with the idea of a contingent labor force where dentists can bring in clinical staff members on demand basis to help practices maintain their service delivery and achieve high quality patient care. In this episode, Craig Weiss interviews Joe Fogg of onDiem about his great idea of bringing the flexibility of the gig economy to dental practices through onDiem. They talk about how COVID-19 has impacted dental practices, the clinical staff most likely to be exposed to infection, the various financial challenges dental practices often face, and the benefits of having an amazing and professional clinical team. Stay tuned.

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