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The Best Retainer Plan For Any Practice 

Customize your Smile Care Plan to meet the unique needs of your office.

Our platform manages everything while creating new revenue and cost savings.

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Our technology platform is built to manage everything.

Fulfillment; at-home delivery to your patients in 7 days or less



KPI data

Integrated marketing/co-branding*

(*included in certain plans)

New Revenue

Multiple new revenue streams to grow your practice

Create your own custom Smile Care Plan

Ability to sell your retainers
at retail fee

Capture 100% of your patients into post-treatment plan/retention

Increase your overall treatment price

Geo-targeting ads driving new patients*

(*included in certain plans)

Smiling with a Headset

Cost Savings

Monthly plans to drive your retainer costs down for end of treatment retainers

Chair time

Staff time

Customer support burden

ROI Calculator

Your customized Smile Care plan creates FIVE new revenue streams for your practice. Get a rough estimate of how much value Retainer Club can bring to your business.

Interested in learning more about creating your own custom Smile Care Plan?

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