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Creating Beautiful Smiles and Stamping out Dental Irregularities

Dr. Randy Feldman has been in the private practice of orthodontics for 38 years in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a partner and owner of Blue Wave Orthodontics and has a pediatric dental practice, six office locations, four associates, and grosses in the low eight figures. He hopes to open one or two new locations in the next couple of years. Dr. Feldman received his DDS from The Ohio State University, and is a diehard “Buckeye.” He is currently a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at USF College of Medicine and holds a patent for ceramic brackets. He is also the craniofacial orthodontist at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital where he has treated thousands of kids with craniofacial defects.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Dr. Randy Feldman shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and how it has changed his practice

  • How the current health pandemic will affect the future of orthodontic practices

  • Dr. Feldman talks about seeing his patients in the parking lot and the precautions they take in his practice

  • Dr. Feldman’s smile mask and how it addresses the patient communication challenges while wearing masks

  • What orthodontists have been doing to make their practices fun and interesting places

  • What Dr. Feldman’s staff thinks about going back to work after the shutdown

  • Why Dr. Feldman has many offices and his advice in being involved in different industries

  • Dr. Randy talks about how Blue Wave Orthodontics started and the annual essay writing college scholarships they do

  • Dr. Randy talks about his ability to engage people, listening to audible, and why he looks forward to his golden years

In this episode…

Dr. Randy Feldman has been quoted as saying ‘I am on a mission from God to stamp out dental irregularity.’ And he has lived to that expectation by helping create beautiful smiles to thousands of kids in the Tampa Bay area. He also believes that dental practices should be a fun and interesting place for both kids and parents, and he has gone out of his way to do just that. He continues to provide top notch patient experience to his clients despite the current COVID-19 health crisis. In this episode, Craig Weiss and Dr. Blair Feldman interview Dr. Randy Feldman about his mission of creating beautiful smiles and stamping out dental irregularities. He talks about his smile mask invention, how Blue Wave Orthodontics started and how their annual scholarship program for college kids works, and what he does to make his practice a fun and interesting place for kids and their parents. Stay tuned.

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