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EasyRx – Making Managing Orthodontic Lab Work Centralized and Easy – Todd Blankenbecler CEO

Todd Blankenbecler has spent the last 30 years in dental specialty software doing multiple roles including sales management, product and project management, and tech support. He managed the sales team and software development for Dolphin Management, Dolphin Mobile, My Orthodontist, and AnywhereDolphin.

Dolphin was acquired by Patterson Companies Inc. in 2008, and Todd and his partner, Dr. Marc Lemchen, acquired EasyRx from ODL Lab in 2016. Todd subsequently left Dolphin and Patterson om February 2017 to run EasyRx full time.

In this episode…

Have you ever wondered if there was any software that can make your job as an orthodontist or dentist easier? Have you ever wondered if you can just have one go-to system where you can maintain all your client information and prescriptions? Is there any way for you to be able to manage your practice in a manner that’s convenient and reliable for you and your patients? The easy answer is yes and it’s all because of EasyRx.

Todd Blankenbecler is the CEO of EasyRx, a unique and revolutionary cloud application that allows orthodontists, dentists, and labs the ability to digitally design, manage, and share their patient’s appliance prescriptions and supporting digital files. Their product provides an undeniable advantage for practitioners and patients alike, and the world is ready for their taking.

In this episode of The In Your Face podcast, Dr. Blair Feldman talks to Todd Blankenbecler about the benefits of having the EasyRx system in your clinic and practice. They also discuss the EasyRx aligner system, the accessibility and reliability of the entire EasyRx app, and the possibility of moving into the robotics space to make the orthodontic and dental experience even better. Stay tuned.

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