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How an In-house Membership Plan Boosts Your Dental Practices

Dr. Brett Wells is a practicing dentist and group practice owner in North Carolina. He is also the founder and CEO of DentalHQ, which helps dentists attract and retain uninsured patients through the use of in-house membership plans with advanced software. He’s recently launched another company, BusinessConnect, to allow dentists to sell their membership plans directly to small businesses in their areas.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Dr. Wells’ thoughts on COVID-19 and his advice to fellow dentists.

  • Dr. Wells talks about one of his employees testing positive for COVID-19 and the decisions he made that followed.

  • What Dr. Wells has learned about leadership from his COVID-19 experiences.

  • How the idea of DentalHQ came about and its benefits to dental practices and patients.

  • DentalHQ growth strategies, their BusinessConnect plan, and future goals.

  • Dr. Wells shares client success stories.

  • What Dr. Wells does to ensure his dental practice is a fun and enjoyable place for his employees.

  • The ideal offices and practices for DentalHQ‘s membership plans.

  • Common misconceptions dentists have about in-office membership plans.

  • Dr. Wells talks about his business superpower and what he’s most looking forward to personally and professionally.

  • Dr. Wells’ favorite way to read books and his favorite hobbies.

  • How to get in touch with Dr. Wells.

In this episode…

Over the last couple of years, the number of people enrolling for dental insurance in the US has increased. However, many patients often get frustrated and dissatisfied due to the low reimbursement amounts and unnecessary hassles they have to go through. This has led to some patients avoiding dental insurance and deciding to go uninsured instead. To find a solution for these patients and their dentists, Dr. Brett Wells came up with the idea of an in-house membership plan for dental practices. This revolutionary solution helps to eliminate dental insurance from the equation and ensure that patients still get the quality services they deserve without having to jump through the hoops that insurers set out. Dr. Brett Wells joins Dr. Blair Feldman and Craig Weiss on this episode of the In Your Face Podcast to talk about his in-house membership plan for dental practices as an alternative solution to dental insurance. He details the benefits of his membership plan, how dental practices have thrived as a result, which practices are a good fit for DentalHQ, and how his practice is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay healthy and stay tuned.

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