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How Collective Care Dental is Making Drs Happy with Co-Founder John Button

John Button is the Co-Founder of CollectiveCare Dental (CCD), a dental services organization (DSO) formed in 2013. Focused on building a regional family of practices in Southeastern PA, Southern NJ, and Delaware, CCD is committed to achieving high patient satisfaction through excellent dental care in a relaxing and friendly environment. John has a broad background in the healthcare industry, having served as a senior executive for many years. He founded a consulting company that assisted across a broad spectrum of services to medical and dental practitioners and institutions in NJ, NY, and PA. He has lectured on a variety of healthcare, sales, marketing, and general management topics. John has also served on private and non-profit boards and is the former Mayor of Moorestown, NJ.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • John’s advice to dentists and orthodontists on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

  • How teledentistry and telemedicine has been adopted in John’s practice

  • Why John founded CollectiveCare Dental and the company’s goals

  • What John has learned about dentistry over the years and what he is doing differently today

  • The benefits of joining CollectiveCare Dental and the steps involved

  • Common misconceptions dentists have about DSOs

  • What motivated John to run for mayor and how the experience impacted his current role

  • John shares his advice on communication

  • What the future holds for John Button and CollectiveCare Dental

  • John talks about his business superpower, how he likes to read his books, and his biggest passions

  • How to get in touch with John Button

In this episode…

Having worked in a roll-up medical practice, John Button knew that some DSO models just don’t work. This is why he decided to start one that was designed for success by modifying a key aspect: making the model patient-focused. He wanted to provide outstanding dental care that met the needs of each patient, and so CollectiveCare Dental was born. The company supports its dentists and their patients through personalized treatment options that offer a complete range of general and specialty dental services. They help dentists focus on providing quality treatment for their patients by offering a strong and reliable dental team to handle all other aspects of business operations. John Button, the Co-Founder of CollectiveCare Dental, joins Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman in this episode of In Your Face Podcast to talk about the benefits of dentists and orthodontists joining a DSO. John also talks about teledentistry and telemedicine, common misconceptions dentists have about DSOs, and his best communication tips.

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