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How the Right Electric Toothbrush Can Revitalize Your Practice with Ben Goldberg of Goby

Ben Goldberg is the Co-founder & CEO of Goby. He founded the company after he was frustrated by today’s oral care offerings. Like many people, Ben’s visits to the dentist were far from enjoyable and he, at one time, begrudgingly bought an overpriced electric toothbrush while searching for an upgrade. It was from his frustration at the quality of available oral care offerings that Goby was born in 2016.Prior to starting Goby, Ben worked at Crescent Capital Group and HSBC Securities. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics from Arizona State University.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:42] Blair and Craig introduce their guest, Ben Goldberg

  • [02:15] How Ben ended up in the electric toothbrush business

  • [04:46] Ben shares why he decided to have a variation of colors available for Goby toothbrushes

  • [06:47] What were Ben’s considerations in the design process for the Goby electronic toothbrush

  • [09:10] How Goby’s customized and personalized electric toothbrushes benefited clinics who offered these products

  • [11:42] The financial model of Goby’s electronic toothbrushes and how their partners incorporate this product into their practice

  • [13:30] How Goby toothbrushes improves patient hygiene

  • [16:47] How to get patients excited with improving their dental hygiene practices

  • [18:41] Ben talks about how the use of Goby toothbrushes helps keep practices retain patients and keeps them as a top-of-mind option for dental and orthodontic services

  • [20:02] What sets Goby apart from other companies that offer electric toothbrushes[

  • 22:01] Why Goby chose the oscillating round brush head versus sonic brush head

  • [25:17] How being an entrepreneur has made Ben empathetic to orthodontists and dentists

  • [26:19] What’s in store for Goby and how can interested clients get in touch with them?

  • [27:35] Question #1 of lightning round: What is Ben’s business superpower?

  • [28:06] Question #2 of lightning round: What is Ben most excited about in the near future?

  • [28:41] Question #3 of lightning round: Which book has Ben been reading recently?

In this episode… It’s totally normal to get anxious when you’re about to get oral treatments done. But it’s absolutely frustrating when the oral care products that are recommended for you are subpar. This is what happened to Ben Goldberg and this is what inspired him to start his own electric toothbrush company, Goby. Ben Goldberg started Goby in a bid to make oral hygiene more enjoyable and definitely more effective. The best part? It doesn’t just make patients happy, it makes orthodontic and dental practices happy as well. In today’s episode, Craig and Blair talk to Ben how he came to be in the electric toothbrush business even when his Bachelor’s Degree couldn’t be further off. They also talk about what sets his products apart, how the products help practices improve their business and their client retention, how their toothbrushes can inspire patients to have a more enjoyable oral hygiene routine. Stay tuned.Resources Mentioned in this episode

  • Retainer Club

  • Goby Electric Toothbrushes

  • Ben’s email:

  • Ben Goldberg on LinkedIn

  • Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

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