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How To Manage Your Inventory with Mari Sawtelle Dunn, Founder of Mari’s List

Mari Sawtelle Dunn is the Founder of Mari’s List, a place for orthodontists to learn more about how to manage their inventory. She founded it in 2012. Mari’s List is also an orthodontic consultant company, a study club, and a buying group, which has grown mostly by member referrals to over 1800 orthodontist members in both the US and Canada. They currently have 120 partner vendors and offer exclusive group discounts that you can only get if you are a member.

Mari has worked as a lab technician, sales representative, and Director of Business Development for a large 12-doctor practice. She lives in beautiful Texas Hill Country with her pack of poodles and French Bulldogs.

In this episode…

Mari Sawtelle Dunn was once hired by an orthodontist to manage their inventory. In the course of her work, Mari realized that the practice, as well as other similar practices focused mostly on large purchases and everything else, was delegated to another person. She, therefore, saw a need to help these orthodontists learn much more efficient ways of managing their inventory that will allow them to save more money for use in other areas.

Mari found a solution by creating Mari’s List, which has served the Orthodontic community since 2012.

In this episode, co-hosts Craig Weiss & Blair Feldman are joined by Mari Sawtelle Dunn to talk about Mari’s List, the benefits of being a member of the group, and Mari’s involvement in Adam Schulhof’s Take Back The Specialty project.

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn

  • What made Mari get interested in becoming an entrepreneur

  • Why an entrepreneur should join Mari’s list

  • Do orthodontists pay different fees to the same vendors?

  • How Mari is curating other products orthodontists need in their practices through Mari’s List

  • What Mari has learned over the years and what she’s doing differently today compared to when she got started

  • Mari talks about members of Mari’s List who are not orthodontists and the kind of discounts offered

  • How Mari’s List helps doctors and orthodontists in their practices

  • How being an entrepreneur has made Mari more sympathetic to the challenges orthodontists face in running their practices

  • What is the future of Mari’s List?

  • Companies that Mari is excited to have on Mari’s List

  • Mari talks about her involvement in the Take Back The Specialty project by Adam Schulhof and how it works

  • Lightning round with Mari Sawtelle Dunn

  • What Mari is passionate about in life other than Mari’s list

Resources Mentioned in this episode

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