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Innovation Only Starts with an Idea with Dr. Chris Cetta, Co-inventor of Precision Aligner Buttons

Dr. Chris Cetta is a board-certified orthodontist practicing with Blue Wave Orthodontics in Florida. He received his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in North Carolina and graduated from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in New Jersey. Prior to specializing in orthodontics at Jacksonville University in Florida, Dr. Cetta was a practicing general and cosmetic dentist for several years. Dr. Chris Cetta is the co-inventor of Precision Aligner Buttons™ by DynaFlex. He is also the host of the Illuminate Orthodontic podcast which focuses on innovators and inventors in the profession. He also plays bass guitar for two rock bands, including the all-orthodontist group Relapse.

In this episode…

One common mistake many inventors make when they have a great idea is that they start making a product prototype without thinking through its execution and without considering whether to patent it or not. See, having a great idea is not good enough because an idea is only as good as the force that propels it to become a fruitful and realized endeavor. After coming up with his idea for aligner buttons, Dr. Chris Cetta knew he had a lot more to do and he continued to work hard into perfecting his invention. He not only got a patent for his product, he also took it to market and he worked on helping other orthodontists and inventors who were bound to go through the same process. In this episode of In Your Face podcast, Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman talk to the inventor of the Precision Aligner Buttons, Dr. Chris Cetta, about how he created the product, the challenges he faced in the process, and why he decided to patent the product. He also talks about his podcast and the segment of orthodontist he wishes to represent and how the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to affect the orthodontic and dental industry. Stay tuned.

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