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More Predictable Outcomes and Better Patient Experience with ClearTPS

Sheldon Krancher is the Co-founder and CEO of ClearTPS, the global leader in Invisalign diagnosis and treatment plan optimization, having treated over 100,000 cases. Because of this, ClearTPS is the largest and fastest-growing network of clear aligner providers in the world. It was only natural that Sheldon would go on to help develop ClearTPS.He’s been in the dental field since 1995 and is also the Treatment Planning Strategy Consultant for Master Aligner Online Academy, Global Business Development Consultant for ArchForm, and Advisory Board Member for ClearForward. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn

  • How Sheldon has been adjusting to the current health crisis and where ClearTPS and the clear aligner space are headed.

  • Sheldon’s thoughts on the adoption of new technology and provision of orthodontic care of patients.

  • How ClearTPS has been changing the standard of care for clear aligner patients.

  • What Sheldon is doing differently in his practice.

  • The target practices for ClearTPS.

  • What the future holds for ClearTPS and the orthodontic industry.

  • The biggest misconceptions orthodontists have about the clear aligner lab and ClearTPS.

  • Sheldon talks about his company’s “business superpower”.

  • How Sheldon likes to read his books and what he is most passionate about.

  • How to get in touch with Sheldon Krancher.

In this episode… There are a number of misconceptions that some dentists and orthodontists have about what the clear aligner lab does, but this is largely because they don’t exactly know how the company can provide help and support to their practices. And this is where ClearTPS comes in: to help bridge the gap between dental practitioners and the clear aligner lab systems. ClearTPS’s main goal is to improve clinical outcomes and help provide better patient experience, as clearly as possible. In this episode, Sheldon Krancher from ClearTPS joins Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman, co-hosts of In Your Face Podcast, to explain how his company helps dentists and orthodontists provide better treatment options to patients. He also talks about the common misconceptions orthodontists have about his company and clear aligner lab and the future of orthodontics. Stay tuned. Resources Mentioned in this episode

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