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Providing Practice Management Solutions and the Right Technology with McKenzie Fagan

McKenzie Fagan is the Area Sales Manager for Henry Schein One, the world’s largest dental practice management software company. Henry Schein One combines leading practice management, marketing, and patient engagement solutions into one cohesive management system to help improve every aspect of your business. With Henry Schein One, McKenzie helps multi-sites and group practices strategize around the technology that will best facilitate their growth plans while creating an economy to scale throughout that expansion. Before joining Henry Schein One, McKenzie was a Senior Sales Manager at Doctible. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Bio-Psychology.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Henry Schein One’s background and McKenzie’s role at the company

  • McKenzie talks about using Dentrix and compares server-based versus cloud-based solutions

  • Centralization, standardization, and machine learning, and how they work in a group practice

  • What is artificial intelligence (AI), what does it mean for dentistry, and how can it help prevent inaccuracies with data?

  • The role software has been playing in the current health crisis when it comes to providing support to dental practices

  • What should you ask if you want to invest and create new software for a large group office?

  • McKenzie explains why the Dentrix solution works better than other software

  • McKenzie’s business superpower, how she likes to read her books, and her book recommendations

  • What McKenzie is passionate about personally and professionally

  • How to get in touch with McKenzie Fagan

In this episode…

When it comes to finding the best practice management software, most group practices don’t know what to look out for or where to start. Not only that, but the different teams in a dental practice—clinical, administrative, and financial to name a few—usually have different needs, desires, and wants. So, finding the best software becomes complicated fast. Technology is meant to make things easier and streamline your workflow, not make it harder! In this week’s episode of In Your Face Podcast, Blair Feldman interviews McKenzie Fagan, Area Sales Manager for Henry Schein One, about her company’s mission of providing practice management solutions to dental group practices. McKenzie differentiates between server-based and cloud-based technology solutions, explains what centralization, standardization, and machine learning mean, and shares how technology can help group practices in running their businesses.

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