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Solving Your Patient’s Retainer Issues is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Just the other day, I received this email:

“Hello, I’ve been trying to find a place that makes retainers. I had braces for almost two years and got my first set of retainers when I was almost 15. (I’m almost 20 now) No one ever told me you needed more sets.

Well, my bottom one is almost completely cracked across the whole thing. My top one has little holes. I called my last orthodontist and they said they no longer have my stuff on file and would charge me thousands of dollars. Which I clearly do not want to have to do as I am trying to find alternatives.

Is there any way I could order some retainers. Is there an impression kit? Please let me know if I can because I don’t want my teeth to shift.”

I know what you are probably thinking: “This would never happen in MY practice. We tell our patients that retainers are for life. We also let them know how to replace them in our office.” You do a great job of treating your patients and you make sure they get a retainer that fits – the rest is up to them.

I think most offices feel that way – but, I keep receiving these emails!

So who did this email come from? I’ll be honest – I don’t know who this patient’s orthodontist is, our team at Retainer Club receives emails like this several times a week from patients around the country. Patients like this are seeking a solution to a problem that many orthodontists don’t have a good answer for: A convenient way to replace their old, broken retainers.

The Problem with Retainer Replacement

Handling frequent retainer replacements is only one piece of the puzzle. Maybe you remember another problem that consumers started talking about a few years ago: Orthodontic treatment was too expensive and inconvenient. Patients also felt that orthodontists were perfectionists and suggested excessive treatments that lasted several years, when all they wanted was the gap closed between their front teeth in a few months’ time.

Do you remember that one? Did you ‘solve’ this problem in your office?

It didn’t take long for a few companies to notice that consumer need and rush in to answer that question with what we now lovingly refer to as Direct to Consumer (DTC) orthodontics. Now, the DTC companies are happily solving this problem to the tune of billions of dollars of treatment per year.

Back to the patient who just wants a set of retainers. Do you offer a retainer replacement service in your practice? Are you worried that if you ‘touch them’ they become your responsibility? Or, do you have a simple solution that is a win for everyone involved – and, may possibly, get you a new orthodontic case start?

If your patient’s long-term retainer needs are met with a solution that is easy, online, and affordable, it’s a win for the patient. If you can bring this patient into your office for a 3D scan and an affordable set of retainers, you can now discuss their needs – “Do you want a retainer to hold your teeth, or are you looking to see improvements in your smile?”

Having the patient in your chair is a win for your office. And, if your solution reduces retainer appointments in your office allowing you to focus on profitable treatment, it’s a win for you.

The Solution: Retainer Club

As a Retainer Club Partner, you can have this win-win-win solution for free.

We want to put an end to those emails. We want your patients to celebrate a lifetime of satisfaction with their smile, just the same as you do. Our Retainer Club Partner program solves those persistent problems regarding accessibility, cost, and convenience, so that you and your practice can get back to focusing on real, productive treatment.

Our partner program offers you three primary benefits:

1) Free end of treatment retainers

2) New patients from our proven marketing campaigns

3) A Patient Portal so your patients can manage replacing their own retainers

4) A 5 Star customer service team to handle patient’s questions about retainers and our programs

Retainer Club has been providing our Partners with an easy, online, and affordable solution for retainers since 2017.

We are THE comprehensive Post Orthodontic Care solution and getting started is easy…. And FREE.

Schedule your free 20-minute demo to learn how easy it is to bring the power of Retainer Club to your patients.


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