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Supercharge Your Orthodontic Referrals from GPs Who Offer Ortho with Dr. Amanda Wilson

Dr. Amanda Wilson is an orthodontist, dental consultant, and dental advisor by profession. After 10 years in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, she created StraightSmile Solutions® as an orthodontic consulting company that directly services dentists, dental specialists, and dental labs and their unique needs. Not only that, but they specialize in airway-focused orthodontics and early treatment. Dr. Wilson is also an Executive Team Clinical Advisor for Straight Teeth Solutions and a member of the Dental Experts Network. She lives in Honolulu, spending her time with her husband and kids and volunteering as a Junior Girl Scout Leader as well as a Stroke and Turn Judge for USA Swimming.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Dr. Wilson’s experience in private practice after dental school and her evolution to consulting

  • Why general dentists are great referrals for orthodontists

  • The white label in-house aligner and its benefits

  • How Dr. Wilson helps dentists and orthodontists in their practices

  • How COVID-19 will change the orthodontic industry

  • The biggest misconceptions people have about Dr. Wilson and her work

  • What Dr. Wilson is currently excited about and why she doesn’t charge the orthodontic community for her services

  • Dr. Wilson’s business superpower, how she likes to read her books, and what she is passionate about outside of work

  • How to get in touch with Dr. Amanda Wilson

In this episode…

Although a lot of people don’t know this, general dentists can be a great source of referrals for orthodontists. There are so many services that the dental community can provide, and working together for the common good of patients can go a long way. Dr. Amanda Wilson, orthodontist and Founder of StraightSmile Solutions®, knows this all too well. With her own practice and work with general dentists in helping them improve their practices, she encourages collaboration between orthodontists and dentists. Dr. Wilson believes that this could help improve the dental profession. In this week’s episode of In Your Face Podcast, host Blair Feldman interviews Dr. Amanda Wilson, Founder of StraightSmile Solutions®, about her work of providing support to dental practices. She shares her history as a practicing orthodontist, explains the white label aligner, and talks about the benefits of orthodontists and general dentists working together.

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