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The Role of Teledentistry in Current and Future Orthodontic Treatments with Dr. Dan German

Dr. Dan German is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Orthodontist of orthobrain®, which he founded in 2016. This is a subscription-based consulting and education platform powered by the expertise of orthodontists to help dentists deliver orthodontic care with confidence. He is an orthodontic pioneer in the fields of interceptive orthodontics, aligner therapy, digital braces placement, and 3D imaging. Dr. German has been a keynote speaker at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and the famed Equilibration Society in Chicago. In 2009, he was named the top Invisalign Teen Provider by Align. He is honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award by the University of Louisville, Department of Orthodontics, making it the second time the award has been bestowed in history. Before orthobrain®, Dr. German owned the largest orthodontic private practice in the country and grew the business from one employee to 65 in six years. He has also served as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthodontics at The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry, but his most proud role is that of devoted father to seven children and loving grandfather with his wife, Teri.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Dr. German talks about his big family, his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on orthodontic care, and how he’s been helping doctors face the crisis

  • The kinds of services provided by orthobrain® and how Dr. German’s mindset of being a dentist first has helped his practice

  • What Dr. German is doing differently in his practice from when he first started

  • Dr. German’s thoughts on the DIY orthodontic movement and becoming a more consumer-driven specialty

  • What Dr. German loves about being an entrepreneur and what he misses about being in private practice

  • The role of teledentistry in future orthodontic treatments

  • How Dr. German brings energy into his dental practices

  • Dr. German talks about his business superpower, how he likes to read his books, and what he is most passionate about outside of dentistry

  • How to get in touch with Dr. Dan German and orthobrain®

In this episode…

Since the coronavirus outbreak, most dental practices have been forced to start offering teledentistry services to their patients, which involves seeing patients online without the need for physical presence. However, this may not work for everyone and there’s a risk of loss of human touch. Dr. Dan German believes that dentists and orthodontists can still provide quality care to their patients at a lower cost through teledentistry. So, he devised a system to operationalize the teledentistry practice to be more efficient and effective. Dr. Dan German, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Orthodontist at orthobrain®, joins Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman in this week’s episode of In Your Face Podcast to talk about the role of teledentistry in current and future orthodontic treatments. He also talks about his work of helping dentists and orthodontists deliver orthodontic care with confidence and how his mindset of being a dentist first has helped grow his practice.

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