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The Three Pillars of Business Success with Brian Wright, Founder and CEO of New Patient Group

Brian Wright is the Founder and CEO of New Patient Group, a dental consulting company that helps clients grow and thrive by focusing on three pillars: leadership and culture, employee training, and digital marketing. In addition to being the Founder and CEO, he’s also the host of the New Patient Group podcast. But, he doesn’t stop there. Brian is the Managing Partner of WrightChat, a customer service, hospitality, and sales company that specializes in converting phone calls and website visitors into new clients for businesses. He is a consultant and speaker for Align Technology and writes for the Bentson Copple reSource. (Try saying that five times fast.)

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Brian’s advice to dentists and orthodontists on managing COVID-19 and similar crises

  • The three pillars of business success that help practices thrive

  • Brian defines sales and explains why clinicians and receptionists should not fear it

  • The importance of practicing skills consistently and why doctors should block time to work on their practices

  • How Brian transitioned from being a baseball umpire to working in the healthcare industry

  • The problems Brian noticed in healthcare while working at a plastic surgery company in Los Angeles

  • How Brian helped his first client, a doctor from Texas, grow his practice and reach Invisalign Premier status

  • Brian explains why most consultant models fail and what his program does differently

  • Why enhancing employee experience is important for any type of business

  • Brian’s business superpower and how he uses it to serve his clients

  • How Brian likes to read books, his recommendations, and why he loves those particular books

  • The future of healthcare, virtual consultants, and outsourcing

  • What Brian is passionate about personally and professionally

  • How to get in touch with Brian Wright

In this episode…

For any type of business to grow, scale, beat its competition, and reach success, there are some things it must do. These include providing top-notch leadership, ensuring that both employees and customers are happy, and executing your sales and marketing techniques the right way. In addition, the business must create a unique and innovative culture to stay ahead of the competition. Brian Wright’s biggest passion is helping people and businesses become prosperous. He believes that this can be done by committing to the task and doing the right thing, which is why he came up with his key pillars to help people along this journey. In this episode, Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman, co-hosts of the In Your Face Podcast, interview Brian Wright, Founder and CEO of New Patient Group about the three pillars of business success. Brian talks about the unique skill sets found in thriving practices, common problems experienced in the healthcare industry, and the importance of good leadership and enhanced employee experience.

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