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Us vs. Them

Have you been curious about what exactly Retainer Club has to offer and how we compare to other retainer programs and companies? Our doctor-first approach and sophisticated technology platform sets us apart for both the practice and patients.


Retainer Club is always doctor-first. We offer low upfront costs that includes creation of your online store on our technology platform, patient marketing materials, onboarding and ongoing training for you team. Our custom technology platform manages your entire retainer program and all patients, including scan management, lab notes, shipping, billing, chair and staff savings and more. We also handle all customer service and offer staff incentives.


Beyond our partner benefits, our program is also designed to make it easy for your patients to maintain their straight teeth and orthodontic investment. We offer an online experience that is familiar to consumers while keeping the doctor at the center of the experience. We know orthodontics is complicated, and strongly believe that patients should always be working with a dental professional when it comes to treatment but replacing a retainer should be simple, online, and affordable.

Interested in learning more or getting started with Retainer Club?


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