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Using Brius Technologies to Independently Move and Straighten Teeth

Dr. Mehdi Peikar is the Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Medical Officer at Brius Technologies, an innovative company that’s focused on transforming the orthodontic experience. He is a practicing orthodontist who graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry. He also holds a master’s degree in quantum mechanics and condensed matter from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in biomechanics from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Peikar’s unique background in academia has been instrumental in the design of Brius and continues to drive success in achieving superior biomechanical results. Since their start, they’ve received FDA approval with thousands of successful treatments and satisfied patients.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Dr. Mehdi Peikar explains what Brius Technologies is and how it works

  • How is Brius different from lingual braces and how does it move teeth?

  • Has Dr. Peikar ever treated a patient by seeing them just twice?

  • Dr. Peikar talks about residency programs for supporting his system and previous independent teeth movers

  • Dr. Peikar’s background and how the idea for Brius came about

  • How Brius onboards and trains orthodontists about their system

  • Dr. Peikar talks about the design and structure of Brius

  • Where to learn more about Brius and Dr. Peikar

In this episode…

For years, there have been two common methods for straightening teeth: braces and aligners. While these do a great job of giving patients beautiful smiles, they often have their own unique limitations. So what if there was a third way of straightening teeth that does not require braces or aligners? Dr. Mehdi Peikar used his knowledge of physics and mechanics to create Brius Technologies as that third way of straightening teeth. Placed behind the teeth, Brius allows for the independent movement of each tooth. He now shares that technology with other orthodontists to help them treat and straighten their patients’ teeth in a way that improves the experience for everyone. In this episode of the In Your Face Podcast, Dr. Blair Feldman interviews Dr. Mehdi Peikar, the Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Medical Officer at Brius Technologies, about his revolutionary technology for straightening teeth. Dr. Peikar explains how the idea for Brius came about, the way the system works, and their process for onboarding and training orthodontists on this innovative method. Stay tuned.

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