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Using Humor as an Educational Tool with Dr. Gary Brigham, Founder of Brigham Orthodontics

Dr. Gary Brigham is an Elite Premier Invisalign provider and the Founder of Brigham Orthodontics, treating thousands of patients and over 1,000 preteens and teens. He has been lecturing internationally on Invisalign treatment since 2004 and Propel since 2014. In addition to his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree and Orthodontic Specialty Certification, Dr. Brigham earned a Master of Science Degree in Immunology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He is the former Assistant Professor of Pediatric Medicine at the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago and currently teaches as an adjunct professor in the Orthodontics Program at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ, where he serves as the dedicated Invisalign and Propel instructor. Dr. Brigham serves on the Clinical Advisory Board for Propel Orthodontics and as a mentor for the consulting group, Your Ortho Coach. Along with Dr. Barry Glaser, he is the co-author of the newly launched webinar series, Insider’s Guide to the Advanced Clear Aligner Practice.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • The changes Dr. Brigham has made in his practice because of COVID-19 and how the pandemic has impacted his teaching.

  • Dr. Brigham’s Clear Aligner webinar and what makes it different from others.

  • The role technology and innovation has played in the orthodontic industry.

  • Dr. Brigham talks about Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis’ treatment concept for orthodontists and shares his thoughts on the rise of DIY orthodontics.

  • Why Dr. Brigham uses humor when teaching and how he keeps the fun in his practice during these times of COVID-19

  • Dr. Brigham talks about his leadership style and why it’s effective.

  • Dr. Brigham’s future plans, his business superpower, and how he likes to read his books.

  • Where to learn more about Dr. Gary Brigham

In this episode…

Dr. Gary Brigham is a storied orthodontist and amateur comedian—that is, he likes to use humor in his lectures. Dr. Brigham knows just how to tickle a funny bone and likes to use humor as an educational tool in the classroom and when communicating with his patients. Humor is a great way to engage with people. It makes interactions and conversations lively while creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. And according to Dr. Brigham, using humor helps people remember what you talked to them about. In this episode of the In Your Face Podcast, hosts Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman are joined by Dr. Gary Brigham, Founder of Brigham Orthodontics, to talk about using humor as an educational tool. Dr. Brigham explains why he uses comedy in his lectures, how he keeps his orthodontic practice a fun place for his staff and patients, and the roles technology and innovation have played in the orthodontic industry.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

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