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Marketing Mastery with Dean Steinman: Driving Orthodontic Success

Dean Steinman is a dynamic marketing expert who understands the evolution of social media and digital advertising landscapes. Once rooted firmly in the realm of Facebook, he witnessed the platform's transition as it became a hub for a vast majority of the global population. Not one to be swayed by shifting trends, Dean adeptly navigated through the noise to harness the power of what he terms "old school Facebook ways," discovering untapped opportunities for business growth.

Fully aware of the necessity to diversify, Dean advocates for an omnipresent marketing strategy. His approach isn't just about being on one platform but spreading across the internet's most influential corners. He has mastered the art of visibility, ensuring that his or his clients' presence is felt on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, especially for leveraging professional referrals.

Dean and Dr. Feldman talk about the magic window of engaging potential clients calling your office within minutes and the power of a great new patient phone call. From nurturing patient relationships to mastering ADA-compliant websites, Dean shares useful marketing secrets, while also fueled by his unique passion for music, inviting listeners to connect.

They also discuss the significant role of authentic testimonials and success stories in creating community engagement, the necessity of a multi-channel approach on social media platforms, and why offerings like the Retainer Club can be game-changers in setting your practice apart.

So, buckle up as this episode delivers these insights straight to you—no holds barred, all "In Your Face", with the goal to ignite your practice growth today!

Timestamped overview:

05:59 Automated communication systems improve client interaction.

06:57 Automated program handles communication, streamlines follow-ups.

11:03 Diversify online presence to reach wider audience.

13:11 Orthodontic community embraces sharing for successful marketing.

18:16 Discussing the impact of retainers on patients.

20:04 Engage community, showcase success stories, involve patients.

22:57 Website updates to aid in ADA accessibility.

27:05 Technology that tracks call conversions for patient inquiries.

30:31 Deans love of music

32:35 Connect with Dean on social media, conferences.


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About In Your Face® Podcast:

The In Your Face® Podcast is hosted by Retainer Club co-founder and President, Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, who connects with voices of industry experts to bring you tips, tricks and best practices for helping your practice thrive, whether you're an orthodontist, dentist, or Dental Service Organization (DSO).


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