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[Podcast] Boosting Orthodontic Starts in Challenging Times: Insights from Brooke Oliphant

Brooke Oliphant, is a powerhouse in the orthodontic sales/ consulting world, demonstrating how transparency in pricing and personalized coaching is revolutionizing the patient experience and boosting practice performance. From starting out in the world of photography to becoming a sought-after orthodontic treatment coordinator and coach, Brooke has founded Straight Up Sales Orthodontic Coaching to transform the way orthodontic practices engage with customers.

Get ready to hear success stories about practices that have thrived through Brooke's mentorship, even amidst a fluctuating economy—pre-selling retainer programs and tweaking insurance strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. We'll also delve into the art of strategic silence in communication, a speaking technique that can dramatically improve patient interaction, as espoused by keynote speaker Josh Sundquist.

Moreover, we discuss how personal well-being ties into professional success, as Brooke shares her philosophy on the interconnectedness of physical health, optimism, and performance. And if you're curious about growing your practice's profits in today's economy while navigating new consumer behaviors, Brooke's insights on upselling, pre-selling, and delivering value-based treatment plans are gold.

Don't miss out as Dr. Feldman and Brooke explore the potential of retention programs, the significance of same-day conversions, and the indispensable role of technology in enhancing patient decision-making. Everything you need to know about reaching peak performance and designing an unbeatable patient experience is in this episode. Join us for a conversation that's sure to be enlightening, actionable, and, as always, unapologetically In Your Face®.

Timestamped overview:

00:00 Pediatric dentist transitioned to successful orthodontic coordinator.

05:58 Ortho services deliver great experience, despite challenges.

08:50 Highlighting importance of intentional new patient experience.

13:28 Old school approach of presenting flexible fee.

15:31 Options, cash flow, interest rates, control, presentation.

19:22 Embracing new services for practice growth.

22:23 It's hard to raise prices, affects business.

25:53 Consider creating a retainer program for $800.

27:16 Emphasizing value over lower costs in dentistry.

33:02 Transparency in orthodontic industry leads to trust.

35:40 Dental practice shifts to digital approach, increases prices.

37:34 Experienced doctor sees significant growth in practice.

43:06 Improve treatment coordinator's skills with strategic silence.

43:47 Treatment coordinator shares strategies for self-care.

47:42 Recognize the challenge and capitalize on it.


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About In Your Face® Podcast:

The In Your Face® Podcast is hosted by Retainer Club co-founder and President, Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, who connects with voices of industry experts to bring you tips, tricks and best practices for helping your practice thrive, whether you're an orthodontist, dentist, or Dental Service Organization (DSO).


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