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[Podcast] Dr. Sima Yakoby Epstein: Innovating Orthodontic Efficiency and Patient Education

Dr. Epstein stands at the intersection of orthodontic treatment and innovation, having overcome personal adversity and channeling her experiences as a patient into a dynamic career in orthodontics and entrepreneurship. As someone deeply compassionate and driven, Dr. Epstein has leveraged her rich family background and the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic to forge a new path in the industry.

In this episode, we'll explore Dr. Epstein's journey from a general dentist to a specialist in clinical orthodontics and how her car accident at the tender age of 13 has shaped her approach to patient care. We'll delve into the importance of efficiency in dental practice, cost implications of chair time, and her innovative solutions for common orthodontic issues.

Dr. Epstein's company, OrthoNu®, has brought to the market groundbreaking products like Tweakz® for braces and aligners—a testament to her focus on research-based and science-driven solutions. These products, resembling a Swiss army knife for orthodontics, aim to reduce emergency visits and save valuable time and resources for both patients and practitioners.

But entrepreneurship isn't just about innovations; it's about adaptability. From discussing the "Psychology of Money" to addressing the shockwaves sent through the industry by Smile Direct Club, Dr. Epstein is a paragon of how to pivot and succeed in the face of unexpected events.

Timestamped overview:

00:00 In Your Face podcast with Dr. Feldman.

04:44 Compassion empowers dentist to help patients.

07:54 Transition from orthodontics to entrepreneurship, American dream.

09:46 Orthodontist aims to empower and give confidence.

13:33 Designing the 'Swiss army knife' tool for orthodontic emergencies.

18:04 Tweaks for braces save office chair time.

22:07 Huge practice orders 250 tweaks for braces.

23:35 Efficient dental practice and cost-saving strategies.

29:05 Developing research-based products, benefiting patients and professionals.

30:47 Orthodontists failed to educate patients about treatment.

36:12 Learning about psychology of money, preparation, outliers.

38:33 Focus on family and business aspirations in 2024.


OrthoNu® -

Book - Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel

Book - Made in America - Sam Walton

Book - The Third Door - Alex Banyan

Book - Your Next 5 Moves - Patrick Bet-David

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About In Your Face® Podcast:

The In Your Face® Podcast is hosted by Retainer Club co-founder and President, Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, who connects with voices of industry experts to bring you tips, tricks and best practices for helping your practice thrive, whether you're an orthodontist, dentist, or Dental Service Organization (DSO).


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