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[Podcast] Thoughtfully Scaling an Orthodontic Business: Insights from Dr. Sam Burrow

On this week's episode of The In Your Face® Podcast, we chat with Dr. Sam Burrow, a board-certified orthodontic specialist and co-founder of Burrow, Welchel & Culp Orthodontics, which has 13 locations. Dr. Sam Burrow followed in the footsteps of his father to continue a legacy of dedicated orthodontic care.

Dr. Burrow shares insights into building a thriving orthodontic practice, the challenges and lessons learned from scaling multiple locations, and the impact of innovative marketing techniques. We delve into the importance of community involvement and the role of health and wellness in both personal and professional life. Dr. Burrow's forward-thinking strategies and commitment to excellence offer valuable takeaways for orthodontists and dentists looking to grow their practices in today's competitive marketplace. Join us for a captivating conversation with Dr. Sam Burrow.

The Growth Mindset in Business: "We luckily enjoy the process of failing at ideas, so we've done that certainly a lot of times, but each lesson makes us a little bit better at each one."— Dr Sam Burrow (00:04:1800:04:32)

Family Legacy in Medicine: "Dad's had this practice for over almost 50 years, so it's real special to them to keep that patient centric focus on them, what’s going to be best for the treatment and be able to actually talk to somebody versus growing so large that you start losing track of that and it gets a little bit more of a larger feel. So we want to be big, but we want to feel small."— Dr Sam Burrow (00:05:5300:06:07)

Timestamped overview:

06:29 Initial skepticism led to impressive business growth.

07:25 Adapting to new age methods for scaling.

12:12 Orthodontic business emphasizes growth, innovation, and efficiency.

15:00 Increased marketing budget led to improved outcomes.

19:31 Networking within local community to gain influence.

21:53 Consistency, discipline, and hard work yield results.

25:31 Hybrid listener enjoys audible for diverse activities.

27:15 Excited for new clinic openings and growth.


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About In Your Face® Podcast:

The In Your Face® Podcast is hosted by Retainer Club co-founder and President, Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, who connects with voices of industry experts to bring you tips, tricks and best practices for helping your practice thrive, whether you're an orthodontist, dentist, or Dental Service Organization (DSO).


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