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Rethink Retainers for Better Margin & Brighter Smiles

Retainer replacement programs need a reboot...

DSOs and independent practices have struggled to find the balance of providing on-going support for post orthodontic patients and timely retainer replacements.

Retainer Club platform solves a variety of long-standing challenges. After five years and 30,000+ patients served, Retainer Club is leading the retainer revolution and launching our 2.0 platform.

Big Smiles From Patients.

For patients, the process of dental work and braces can be stressful. Getting a high-quality retainer that fits, shouldn’t be. Today, patients expect companies to deliver an affordable and seamless experience online and offline. With Retainer Club, your patients will love the simplicity and speed of your custom Smile Care Plan. Ordering their new retainers will be as easy as shopping on amazon.

Better Margin.

Retainer Club has redefined success for the dental industry. Over the past five years, our team focused on solving the operational challenges with retainers to increase profit for every practice. Gone are the days of wasted chair-time, lost orders, frustrated patients, and staff dependent in-house lab challenges.

The Retainer Club 2.0 Platform was built to provide a seamless technology solution for staff and patients, and reduce expenses throughout the practice.

How Long Does It Take to Implement?

Retainer Club’s client success team supports our Partners from sign-up through fulfillment. Our team will assist your practice in setting up your custom Smile Care Plan and integrating the technology throughout your patient experience. Our implementation team will work with your staff to outline a plan for pre, current and post-treatment patients. All with consistent branding from your practice.

The new client on-boarding process includes 3 simple phases, planning, set-up and launch. Implementation can be completed within 7 days and REAL retainer revenue can start on your first day.

Join the Revolution.

Our co-founder and President Blair Feldman has been a practicing orthodontist for over 20 years. We have built our program with first-hand industry insights to support the needs of DSOs from the ground up. From on-boarding and client success planning to tech-enabled marketing solutions to support new patient growth, Retainer Club has you covered.

Built by dental professionals - for dental professionals.

- - - - - - - -

Sept. 2023 - Retainer Club launched our Partner Network. We are currently meeting with DSOs to explore partnerships and on-boarding clients to launch our 2.0 platform.

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