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[Podcast] Casey Bull - Unleashing the Power of Virtual Assistants for Your Practice

Casey Bull is the COO at MyOrthoVA, a company that supports orthodontic and dental practices with expertly trained virtual assistants. She earned her MBA from Pepperdine and first started working in the orthodontic industry as a practice manager for Dr. Alex Waldman, who many of you know. From there she became a practice consultant for The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) and ultimately moving to global director role within the company where she helped drive TIO's mission to provide member practices with marketing and business management expertise.

Her profound understanding of the industry extends to the realm of digital marketing where she excelled in overseeing full suite strategies including website development and optimization, paid advertising campaigns, local SEO optimization and more.

They discuss the concept of virtual assistants and the various services they can provide, such as phone support, insurance billing, and digital workflow management. Casey shares examples of creative uses of virtual assistants, including marketing and managing delivery services. They also discuss the benefits and costs of hiring virtual assistants and the process of onboarding and training them.


  • Virtual assistants are remote team members who can affordably provide a wide range of services to orthodontic and dental practices.

  • Virtual assistants can handle tasks such as phone support, insurance billing, digital workflow management, and even marketing.

  • Hiring a virtual assistant can help practices scale their administrative team and improve efficiency.

  • MyOrthoVA offers full-time virtual assistants who are trained in orthodontics and can become an extension of the practice's team.

Timestamped overview:

00:00 Introduction and Sponsor

01:03 Guest Introduction

02:11 Guest's Background and Journey

03:04 Introduction to MyOrthoVA

05:09 What is a Virtual Assistant?

06:44 Examples of Virtual Assistant Services

08:17 Unusual Uses of Virtual Assistants

09:57 Benefits and Cost of Virtual Assistants

12:49 Onboarding and Training Virtual Assistants

13:46 Creative Uses of Virtual Assistants

14:19 Specialty Roles for Virtual Assistants

17:49 Getting Started with MyOrthoVA

19:37 Managing Virtual Assistants

22:36 Process of Getting a Virtual Assistant

26:06 Future Plans for MyOrthoVA

27:57 Book Recommendations

29:14 Contact Information


Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

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About In Your Face® Podcast:

The In Your Face® Podcast is hosted by Retainer Club co-founder and President, Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, who connects with voices of industry experts to bring you tips, tricks and best practices for helping your practice thrive, whether you're an orthodontist, dentist, or Dental Service Organization (DSO).


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