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The Retainer Revolution - Technology, Profit & Smiles

In the ever-changing world of dentistry, let's face it – the retainer replacement model is like a relic from a bygone era. It's time for Dental Service Organizations and single practices to level-up and break free from the mold. We're talking about a retainer revolution!

Out with the Old…

After five years and 30,000+ patients served, Retainer Club is leading our industry into the future with our new 2.0 technology platform.

Picture this: your custom built Smile Care Plan with increased revenue, lower costs, and guaranteed fit retainers delivered to your customers’ doors in seven days or less. It’s that simple.

Say goodbye to endless retainer follow-ups, wasted chair time and lost margins.

Your Plan, Our Platform.

If you currently have a plan, our platform will help you fulfill it; quick and convenient for your patients. Our platform will also save you staff time and chair time. Patients are no longer calling your office for replacements - with our platform, patients just click a button, their retainers show up at their door and you get paid! Take away all of the frustrations of managing retainer replacement for your dental practices.

If you do not have a plan, no problem! We will help you build one and add a significant new revenue stream for your practices. Our plans can be custom built by you to support the operational goals of your offices and bring financial peace of mind to your patients. It's like a Netflix subscription for your smile.

We’ve Got Your Back.

Our co-founder and President, Dr. Blair Feldman, has been a practicing orthodontist for over 20 years. We have built our program with first-hand industry insights to support the needs of DSOs from the ground up. From on-boarding and client success planning to tech-enabled marketing solutions to support new patient growth, Retainer Club has you covered.

Retainer Club was built to allow practitioners to focus on profitable treatment, not profitless retainers. We have identified the operational pitfalls plaguing the majority of practices and built our 2.0 platform to set you up for success. The platform solves these four key barriers.

Built by dental professionals - for dental professionals.

- - - - - - - -

Sept. 2023 - Retainer Club launched our Partner Network. We are currently meeting with DSOs to explore partnerships and on-boarding clients to launch our 2.0 platform.

Want to learn more?


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