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Takeaways from OrthoFi NEXUS 2024 - by Dr. Blair Feldman

Opinion piece from Retainer Club President & co-founder, Blair Feldman, DMD, MS.

The 2024 OrthoFi NEXUS Conference took place in Denver, Colorado this past weekend. OrthoFI is a patient acquisition, insurance management, and patient collections solution that processed 1.8 billion dollars of orthodontic sales last year. They are known for their Payment Slider which allows orthodontic patients to choose a down payment and payoff time period to create a customized payment plan. They share the data they have collected on new patient exams, patient fees, and patient conversions with the orthodontic community to improve financial decision making and planning.

I was excited to co-host a panel on the practice benefits of retainer programs at the conference this year. When we started Retainer Club 7 years ago, no one was talking about the benefits of this type of program. Now, nearly every speaker including Oliver Gelles with OrthoFi, Brooke Oliphant & LeeAnn Peniche - Orthodontic Practice Consultants, and more, spent time extolling the need to add this service to your practice.

Here are 3 important takeaways from the event

  • Takeaway #1: Starts were down last year, especially in adult treatment

  • Takeaway #2: Adding services like a retainer program are recommended to improve sales and benefits to existing patients

  • Takeaway #3: The office of the future includes a suite of digital services - online forms and payments, digital treatment monitoring, and 24/7 retainer replacement programs.

If you're interested to learn about about the panel I spoke on, email me directly for a list of audience questions.

If you are interested in learning more about Retainer Club, schedule a demo today!


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