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OrthoFi Users: Add a Retainer Membership Program to a Case Fee

For patients, the loss of a retainer is a stressful situation that brings concern that the investment in orthodontics and the years of appointments to achieve beautiful results will be lost if the retainer can’t be replaced.  Offering a retainer replacement program to your patients is a service that’s been requested by patients for years.  Retainer Club makes it simple and profitable to add a discounted retainer membership program and OrthoFi users can allow patients the benefit of financing this program with their treatment fee.

Practices that offer a retainer replacement program like Retainer Club have happier patients and benefit from significant financial growth.  These patients join a membership program with benefits determined by the practice.  For example, join the program for a $699 fee and get 2 sets of retainers at discounted pricing and access to future retainers at member pricing. 

At Retainer Club, we’ve heard details of many programs and it’s our belief that the best programs are simple for patients and practices and make it easy for patients to order and receive retainers. Practices that have a simple program will achieve the highest utilization amongst their patient database.

For practices that use OrthoFi to handle treatment fee financials using their easy technology based platform, it’s simple to add a retainer program that allows the patients to finance the program fee with the entire cost of treatment.  The membership fee can be customized in the OrthoFi platform and added to the treatment fee with a few simple steps detailed below.

There are two options - one is to call your success manager and have them add this fee under ‘Add Additional Costs' as shown.

The other way is to manually add the fee by creating a  ‘One Time Additional Cost.’  Practices can use this method immediately by adding a description (name of program), a fee, and click the box to include this in the treatment fee which will be financed. 

OrthoFi makes it easy for practices to offer a retainer replacement program like Retainer Club’s Smile Care Plan™.   Practices can provide the treatment benefits of additional retainers purchased at the start of treatment to patients with the financial benefits of paying for this program over time with their treatment fee through the OrthoFi system.

Built by dental professionals - for dental professionals.

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